Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Potty Training

Potty Training has been an on again off again thing. Over the summer we spent most days at the pool. The bathroom is all the way at the entrance of the pool which is FAR away from the toddler pool. I decided it just wasn't worth it. After BB's birthday I started hard core on potty training. Every hour on the hour sitting her on the potty. She just held it! I however had to go every hour on the hour. So we stopped. Just recently BB's 2nd cousin came for a visit she is 9 months older and POTTY TRAINED. This started the independant wish to go to the potty. We have sat on a lot of potties, but just for practice. TODAY....TODAY...is a very exciting day. This morning BB yelled to me "Mommy potty". I don't get excited. She has a stool in the bathroom. "Okay BB go potty." Next thing I hear in a distressed voice "MOMMY POOP". Yes there was poop. It didn't quite make it IN the potty. For some reason she was standing on the toilet seat. The poop was on the seat and a little on her legs (which explains the distress). I kept the focus
YEAH you pooped on the potty (LITERALLY). I got her cleaned up and let her call daddy. Then she had to call her best boy - friend and share with his mommy.

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