Saturday, December 15, 2007

K-9 literacy

Our library brings in therapy dogs periodically to allow children to practice their reading skills. Dogs are less threating than an adult. The dog handler is right there and does interact if the child wants to interact with them too. Thursday night I was at the library for a quick drop off overdue books and pick up reserves. I peaked into the children's section and there was the therapy dog with no one there reading to her. Her name is E.L. by the way. I don't bring BB to this because she is not a reader. However with NOONE there I called DH and asked him to bring her there. By the time she got there one girl had arrived and was reading. Then it was BB's turn. With the help of DH she read "Moo, Baa, La La La" ( She says all the animal sounds while DH reads the other words. It was a great experience. Having a therapy reading dog is something that I am interested in pursuing when BB is a little older. Reading is so important and so many children struggle with this skill. Reading outloud is overlooked a lot of times in education because of the high ratio of students to teachers and the lack of schools volunteers.

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