Thursday, April 17, 2008

Special Activities

I am learning the art of not telling BekahBoo where we are going. Sometimes I get really excited about where we are headed and make the mistake of telling her in advance. This causes problems especially if a nap or eating needs to take place before the activity. Today we were invited to join a preschool field trip to a local farm with some of BB's favorite people. All I told her when she got up is that we had a 'special activity' today and she needed to get dressed and eat breakfast before we went. I waited until she was buckled up and I was pulling out of the drive way to tell her where we were going and with whom. When I told her we were going to a farm she said "E-I-E-I-O". The farm had all the animals that the kids wanted to see. The pigs were the big hit of the day. The other mom and I like the pigs too until we noticed that the pig sty was co-habitated by MICE. That was the end of the trip to the barn. They were cute mice, but still mice.

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