Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Office

Lately at Gordon's office they have been trading DVDs. We got the Office Season 1 a couple weeks ago and got hooked. Since then we have watched all four seasons. Now we are in the middle of season 5, but are going to wait for the DVD so we can watch it together.

Bekah isn't allowed to watch it but she is aware of it. She's into saying "When I'm an adult..." so she says she's going to work at 'the office'. She also discovered that daddy works at 'the office'. So now she wants to visit him.
In the meantime, Gordon took the camera into work so she could see what 'the office' looks like.
Gordon's cubicle

Doug the keeper of the Survivor can

This is Gordon's old cubicle.

Take note of the ceiling.

It took awhile to get a new desk despite the leaking every time it rained.

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