Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scottie Dog Message Board

My craftiness up to this point has been cross-stitching. For awhile now it has been cross-stitching bibs for friends with babies. I like cross-stitch. There is a pattern to follow. There isn't much creativity that goes into the project. The most creative I've been with cross-stitch is when I made a Scottie Dog Bib for Bekah and the pattern I had only had the Scottie facing one direction. I wanted two Scottie dogs facing each other so I went through the effort of trying to figure out how to reverse the pattern. I like the result, but it almost wasn't worth the effort.

A while back I got a Mary Engelbreit craft book. I was look for cross-stitch patterns. There weren't any in this book, but it did have a kitchen message board would go great in my kitchen.

Here's my Scottie Dog border that is the inspiration for the project. I wish I had a picture of their message board so you can see the modifications that I made to the project.

Here's the finished work.

The message board itself is a 17x11 cork board that I had in college. I painted the edges red. I purchased the Mary Engelbriet Scottie fabric on EBay as a 'fat quarter'. It also can with two other Scottie fat quarters in red and green. For the record the ME Scottie dog's name is Henry.

The mail box was purchased at Lowe's. It was a standard black wall mounted mailbox. I primed the mailbox white. Then painted it the colors you see here. The most challenge part was painting the "Mail" letters. I'm sure I could have spent alot of time and taped around it, but part of the purpose of this project was to be okay with imperfection.

Last night G and I went to Lowe's to get the hardware to mount it on the kitchen wall. Both of us aren't handy so just going to Lowe's was an undertaking in itself. While we were there we got supplies for other fix up jobs around the house. Gordon used all the supplies we got around the house today. The only thing not used was the little gardening shovel - that's my project and it'll wait for another day.


FMF said...

Too cute! What school spirit you have. I have always been partial to scottie dogs myself but I think you take the cake!


Erika :-) said...

Looks good!!