Friday, March 9, 2007


I finally remembered the funny story that I was going to tell. Now I have two stories about feet. Actually I have one more about Rebekah's flexible legs.

Story 1 - BB loves reading books. She like reading them to her dollies. A few nights ago she was in the kitchen after dinner waiting for me and daddy to finish. She sat on the floor book in lap and held up her right foot. It was a book with infant pictures. She read the page to her foot then told her foot to say hi to the baby. Then she waved her foot like you would wave your hand. It was cute and creative.

Story 2 - BB also LOVES talking on the phone. Today she couldn't find her phone. So she put her foot to her ear like a phone. The bottom of her foot was flat against her face. How are babies that flexible?!?

Story 3 - Today: BB was taking a nap and she started to SCREAM. This is not normal. We had already made an emergency trip to the chiropracter to relieve ear pain this morning. So I could not imagine WHY she was crying. Usually a trip to the chiropracter guartantees me atleast a 2 hour nap. BB was screaming because she weaved her leg through the crib slats and back. She couldn't get it back out. At first I wasn't sure that I could either. It took one little backward bend of the leg, but she was quickly freed and told to go back to sleep.

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