Thursday, March 8, 2007

I can't help but think that BekahBoo (BB) must have done something blog worthy since last week. I'm too tired to think of anything other than today.

Today is my friend's DD's 3 birthday. They live far enough away that our monthly visits last all day. Today had to be cut short due to afternoon appointments for both of us.

This morning as usual it took the girls time to get used to each other. They are 18 months apart in age so there is also the developmental differences too. They had fun playing ring around the roseys whichs is brand new to BB and I'm sure that we will do it over and over again in the days to come. BB also initiated the first peer hug that I have seen. Most time other kids hug (attack) her, and she has not been interested. Today she was the attacker...I mean hugger!

For lunch we went to the Oregon District. My favorite place was there but with a different name. Thankfully the food was the same. BB and I did not have much time so we split a bacon, egg and cheese queche (sp?). It was actually supposed to be roasted red pepper and blue cheese, but I didn't have time to wait for the right one. BB and her friend sat together on a couch. I wish I had a camera to catch them and how happy they were. I have a picture of the 3 year old "holding" BB 18 months ago. I will make every effort to bring a camera to our next monthly gathering.

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