Friday, March 2, 2007


The purpose of this BLOG is for me to keep up with the funny stories that go on in my child's life.

After a long winter of snowy days and sunless days stuck inside we FINALLY got out. The sun greeted us with a smile. We were leaving KRC when BekahBoo looks down and sees her shadow. She locked her knees and made a valant attempt at walking around it. She found it almost frustrating that try as she might she could not get around it. Then she decided it was fun to step on it all the way to the car. Walking is one of her favorite thing.

A week ago we all went to the local arena to watch a free hockey game. We knew that we would only be there for 15 minutes with her current attention span. It was fun to watch because we had front row seats. When we left she said "WALK". I looked up at the stair leading up to the exit. I thought "no way". But we wanted to let her have practice on stairs so we each took one of her hands and supported her as she took to the stairs. I was very surprised that she made it 3/4ths of the way up before looking at me and said "UP".

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Nice start. Welcome to the blogosphere.