Monday, March 19, 2007

First the feet now the SHOES!

It was raining today so we decided to go to the mall as a family and walk. Of course we had to stop and see the puppies. Next door to the pet store is the shoe store...and I had a coupon. While Dadday and BB looked at puppies I looked at shoes. I was hoping to get water shoes for the pool this summer. No such luck. They had crocks...don't even get me started on those. Besides my daughter is just as prissy as I am. There is no way crock will work. Two seconds in the sandbox and she'll have a fit. I did spot some dressy shoes in the next size up. I went back to the pet store to get BB. I took her to the shoes and said "What do you think?" She grabbed the shoes and left. Thankfully we were at the back of the store and I had time to catch up to her before she 'shoplifted'. I told her we needed to pay for them, but she could put them on while we waited. So we sat in line and put on the shoes. When it was our turn at the counter I lifted BB up on the counter and said "We'll take these". The shoes really are cute. There are two kinds of girls accessory girl and what ever a non-accessory girl would be called. Ironically the mommies in my group who are not accessory girl now have daughters who ARE. And the "accessory girl" mommies in my group have BOYS!


G's Cottage said...

An accessory girl; I hadn't heard that before. I don't hink I'm an accessory girl.

Mrs_Scotsman said...

nope. I'm not really either. I did however buy Rebekah 5 pairs of shoes at the Mommy Sale (each for $1).