Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Deaf Church part 2

As promised BB has come out of her shell with the Deaf church on Sunday evening. We were not able to make it on the 18th because she was sick. This Sunday she was happy to see everyone. During the worship songs she watched Mark (the Deaf Pastor) sign along with the I-Worship video. Then BB stood up in the pew next to me and started signing "Yes" along with the music. The song was "I'm trading my sorrows" and the chorus repeats "YES, Lord! YES, Lord! Yes, Yes, Lord!" She did her best to sign along. She got the 'yes' sign down and just lifted her hands in the air for Lord. I can not wait to get to Houston and have her meet the Woodhaven choir.


G's Cottage said...

Hey,"yes" is better than "no" in any language.

Mrs_Scotsman said...

Thankfully she has not learned "no" in sign language! She says it enough in English.

Tracy said...

Found the blog! I love all the stories. Keep them coming. I can't believe she read a book to her foot. That's so funny.