Saturday, April 14, 2007

Houston, TX

We're leaving on a jet plane....BB and I flew to Houston last Monday. I have friends their in the Deaf community that I have not seen in 7 years. A visit was long over due. DH was taking care of family business elsewhere in the country. This was BB first plane ride. We had a 22 minute hopper to a bigger city then a 'real' flight to Houston. I considered the hopper a great 'practice' run at the real thing. BB spend 1/2 the time saying "WHOA!" really loudly. The other 1/2 of the ride she want to open and close the window constantly.

She slept through the layover which let me eat and go to the restroom twice. I was not trying to go on the plane with a toddler. The 2nd flight was smooth sailing. She cried when the plane descended, but she was able to blow when I held her nose and that alievated the pressure.

I found my friend easily at the airport and we were off for her home. It has been while since I visited Houston and I forgot that it is the 4th largest city. The driving there is crazy. We got to my friend's home. They just built a new house near the husband's work. Once inside we took a tour of the house. When we arrived at the final room out popped my Deaf friend who is a missionary to the Deaf overseas. I was not expecting her and I was pleasantly surprised to unite with her. We did two short term missions projects together and we also lived in the same city at one time and shared a car.

Monday was a down day. We stayed at the house and caught up on each other's lives

Tuesday: During the day we went to the Deaf church to visit with people there. In the evening we went to 1st Baptist Houston's Bible Study lead by Beth Moore ( The woman I was staying with is Beth Moore's interpreter. She was nervous that I was there watching, but I promised her that was not there to judge her interpreting. After all SHE was the one up there in the "Hot Seat" not me. I did come away with new ways to interpret concepts. Very Cool!

Wednesday: We went to Deaf Church in the evening. The Deaf church is a missions church of 1st Baptist Church. They have several missions church in the area to reach out to the multi-cultures in the Houston area. The Deaf Church has a small attendance on Wednesday nights and no nursery. I brought lots of toys and thought that I would be able to pay attention while BB played. This great plan did not work. She wanted to run around which was visually distracting to the Deaf people so I decided to take her outside. Fortunately in Houston it is a fabulous 75 degrees with a slight breeze. (This is not the case at home!) I was very disappointed to miss an opportunity to 'listen' to a preacher who I respect a great deal. I believe I made a good decision for my daughter.

Thurday: A group of us went to N.A.S.A - the Johnson Space Center. I am a complete Air Force and space geek so this was my request. You could rent a head set to hear commentary about various displays. We decided to rent ONE headset and let me be the interpreter for the group. Our group was a mix of hearing signers and Deaf people. Note: Normally interpreting situation are confidential. Since I was with friends and interpreting as a friend I do not feel this situation is under the confidentiality clause). We had a great time on the tour and seeing various shows and demonstrations. Since I am a stay-at-home mom now it was great to be interpreting again. I found the Space Center to be very accomodating to me as an interpreter. Thursday night another friend stopped by and we talked until we could keep our eyes open.

Friday: The morning was spent packing and saying last minute things that we didn't want to forget. Before I knew it we were heading to the airport. We arrived in plenty of time. Getting through security was easier that I imaged. We immediately stop for MILK and lunch. Then we went to the gate. I was not expecting much of wait. However the plane decided to have computer issues. Why they told us this I don't know. I was not exactly excited about getting on a plane that just had computer issues. As we were checking in to get on the plane the airline rep looked at me and stated in a no questions manner. "You can not sit in 8A you must sit in 7A." I walked down the ramp to the plane dreading the seat switch. I coud only image that it was going to be trouble. I found my NEW seat and started to get BB's toys and activities settled in the seat pocket. Moments later a couple stopped and the man said "You are in my seat" Here we go I thought. I looked at hime and responded that I was very sorry but they said I had sit in THIS seat. I later found out that it was because that row had an extra mask for an infant on lap. I felt bad for the couple because they wanted to sit together. So the man started yelling "Flight Attendant! I need the Flight Attendant NOW!" Thankfully the flight attendant (who was already having a bad day) was able to get them seats together in the back of the plane. I ended up next to a mom who was on business. She was so friendly and helpful. She even helped me change BB diaper which was very smelling. The Flight Attendant was NOT at all excited about the rancid diaper that was smelling up the plane. I was stuck by the window so the lady next to me put the diaper in the vomit bag and took it to the bathroom.

We made it home safely and on time and now we are having a quiet day at hom.e


G's Cottage said...

Whether he was all that upset about the seating can't be proven but I am quite certain his indignation got him an upgrade coupon for his next trip. The airline was at fault because if they could intercept you they could have intercepted and smoothed things over with the other passengers. Thank goodness it was on the return leg and not at the start of the trip. Glad you had a good time with everybody.

Tracy said...

What a fun trip! Sounds like it went off without many hitches. Talk to you soon!