Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Take me out to the ballgame

It has finally decided to be spring in our corner of the world. Yesterday we took BB to a minor league baseball game. We had 8 adults going so we figured it would be easy enough to keep track of an active toddler at a baseball game. The weather was perfect for a spring ballgame.

We were meeting up with family member so we were waiting outside of the front gate. During the wait a staff member came upto us and asked if our child could help them with a skit. At first this seem like a strange request and I wasn't excited about it. Then the staffer explained that it was one of the between the innings entertainmentcall "Sourface baby". We would go out on the field with BB and give her a piece of lemon. The baby with the best sourface won.

After the 3rd inning we met up with the staffer and two other babies. We were taken down into the dugout area of the other team. I thought it was very cool. It was kinda like a backstage tour. The staff lined up the babies in strollers, got their names and then we waited for the inning to end. We were waiting in the dugout of the visiting team. As soon as the inning ended the staffers quickly got the babies on the field. DH went on the field with BB and I watched from the dugout. BB went first and made a great face. The other two made faces as well, but the crowd cheered for BB the loudest. After it was all over the staffer gave each baby a plush ball and bat. DH was a little disappointed because the staffer orginally told us that the winner would get a T-shirt. That's okay because Papa surprised her with a pink toddler t-shirt after the game. She is proudly wearing the t-shirt to 'school' today.

BB really enjoyed the game. Well not so much the game as the people who were with us. She got to high 5 the team mascot. After the 7th inning stretch we did a lap around the stadium so that BB could meet and greet her new found fan club.

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G's Cottage said...

She wasn't freaked out by him, or was it her? But I'm kind of glad she didn't "officially" win. I know I wouldn't want to explain the notation of "winner - sourface baby" at some future date.

But how cool to get a dugout tour, did you get pics with the mascot?