Thursday, May 3, 2007


It is a sunny warm day in our part of the world so we decided to take a visit to a carnival. We are die-hard carnival fans, but we thought it would be fun. We only brought $5 on purpose. We really weren't sure if BB would actually ride anything. We were pleasantly surprised that they had live pony rides for $3. We asked if BB was old enough to ride. The carny said that I could walk along side the pony with BB. BB was excited, but tenative. It was a small pony, but to her it was HUGE. She did great. She was the only kid on a pony at the time. I was surprise at how long they let her ride. Eventually she looked at me and said "finished". I thought she was going to jump. I told them she wanted down and they stopped the ponies.

We walked around a little bit more. BB saw other kiddie rides. We were really not sure if she would go by herself. The kiddie rides were $2 so we took the risk. There was a little fishy ride that is kinda like miniture version of the Dumbo ride at Disney. BB walked up to the ride by her self and let the ride attendant put her in a seat. So far so good. When the ride first started up it was jolty and she had 'concerned eyebrows'. We kept smiling at her and saying "weeeee". She liked that and joined in on the 'weeee's. When the ride came to an end she let the attendant take her out of the ride. Then she promptly tried to get back in! She started to cry. I went in and got her. We waved 'bye' to the fishies. We told the attendant thank you.

With the whooping $5 spent it was time to go. BB is probably too young to understand our philosophy of money, but I don't think its to early to talk about it. The money is gone and so we are done. We waved good bye to the fishies one more time and then to the ponies. The sun was setting and it was time to go.

This was actually a good practice run for another carnival that we are going to later this month. It is held at a dairy farm. BB and I are going with another mommy friend and her two children. We are taking two mommy helpers. The plan is to take turns going on adult rides and accompaning kids on kiddie rides. The dairy farm also has a ice cream parlor so if all else fails there is always ICE CREAM!

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