Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Days at the Pool

My philosophy for this summer is very basic. Get up and get ready for the pool. Pack a lunch (or buy it on the way). Go to the pool. Wear out BB and come home and let her take a long nap. So far this plan has been working very well. The only draw back is that I also come home worn out and also take a long nap.

BB's favorite thing to do at the pool is go down the kiddie water slide. It is about 5 feet in length and not very steep. The 'ladder' to get up to the slide is steps up a man-made rock hill. It was BB's own idea to try the slide. I was surprise on our first trip to the pool that she wanted to go down all by herself. I watched her climb up and then went to the end of the slide to catch her. Each day that we go it takes her one time to warm up to the idea. After that she says "AGAIN!"

The pool we goto is actually a mini water park. There are 3 wading pools, a main pool and two big water slides. The main pool and the big water slide are teeny bobber teritory. I don't take BB anywhere near them and their skimpy bathing suits.

The three wading pools are all great places for BB to explore. The one with the waterslide is just for kids under 8. There is a wading pool with a waterfall. This is the best place to catch a breeze even on the hottest days. The 3rd pool is the most crowded but it is large and only 2 feet deep. I try to give BB room to explore, but in this pool I keep close.

So this is what we have been doing most of the summer and will be doing for the rest of the summer.

The only other big activing BB and I are doing is the library reading club. When I was in the summer library club you got credit for each book you read. One summer I read 93 books. Now they have changed it so that you get credit for each 15 minutes you read. I like this a lot better because it makes it equal to low and fast readers. After 1 hour they get a sticker. 8 hours get them a prize out of the prize box. 15 hours gets them a library tote bag and coupons. Now before you think that BB is a child prodogy and already reading I'll let you know how I count her time. I basically count 1) us reading to BB 2) BB "reading" a book to us or herself or 3) BB reading a book to her stuffed animals. BB has started to read books to herself while we drive in the car.


G's Cottage said...

I forgot it was 93 but I think the poster is still around somewhere. "Explore strange new worlds - READ"
Complete with the Star Trek original cast.

Folami said...

Reading is fundamental. I should send you my booklist. Love, Auntie Folami