Monday, August 13, 2007

Catching Up

Weekend of July 14th

We traveled to Memphis Tennessee for BB's aunt's wedding. BB had never met her aunt because she lives to far away. We spent alot of time before the wedding showing BB pictures of her aunt and the groom as well as her daughter and his daughter.

Just a note: Nobody in the wedding or related to the wedding actually lived in Memphis. It was a destination wedding at Graceland.

The biggest part of the weekend for BB was being the ring barer in the wedding. The wedding chapel at Graceland was small and there were only 50 guests. The bride picked out BB's dress to match the flower girls (bride and groom's daughters). BB was well behaved, especially considering that it was her nap time. When it came time for her to go down the aisle she walked down with the pillow (WITHOUT the rings) handed it to her other aunt who was the maid of honor and walked back up the aisle. I was actually glad to have her in the back because she wouldn't be a distraction. After all it WAS naptime.

Weekend of August 4th: Camping and Amusement Park

DH's company has an annual company get together. This year the company took us to an Amusement Park about an hour away. We decided to make a weekend of it and camp. It was our goal to get to the park early and beat the crowds.

BB took to camping. She most enjoyed bouncing on our airmattress. BB has her own air mattress that has the sleeping bag attached to it. This is a great invention.

Saturday morning we were able to get to the park at 9 am to get a great parking space. The entrance opened at 9:30 and the rides at 10am. DH wanted to go on the newest ride so he literally RAN to get first in line. He only had to wait 10 minutes. Meanwhile BB and I were loving the no waiting at the kiddie land. We rode as many rides as we could with her height. Some rides are 36 inches and BB is 30 inches. She had the hardest time not being able to ride the Blue's Clue ride. We were careful after that to avoid her seeing it.

DH's company provided lunch. All you can eat buffet, drinks and dessert. It doesn't get much better than that considering how much food cost in the park. We were even able to take drinks and ice with us. IT WAS HOT!

After we had enough of the rides we took in some shows to cool off. BB's favorite was DORA! She made friends with one of the dancer in the show who tipped us off on where to see Dora later in the park. Since it was so hot the characters would only be out for 10 minutes. We got to the location and were ready with the camera for BB's close up with Dora. She was so excited. Since the trip she has been asking to see her and Dora on the computer.

We camped again Saturday night. It rained, but we stayed dry. Overall it was a successful camp out. We will have a bigger camp out with friends next month so this was a great trial run.

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