Monday, August 13, 2007

Unfortunate pronunciation

BB has a decent vocabulary for her age. I can usually understand what she is saying. However when she says truck there is an unfortunate "F" at the beginning of the word. What is strange is that she can say 'tree' 'train' just fine. I'm just waiting for this to come out in public. We show this off to my family, but they were forwarned and so it was funny. Stay tuned for updates on this...


simplegifts3 said...

Hi, there! I'm the birthday girl, uhhh, I mean woman. ;-)

It was good having breakfast with you, and I'll link your blog to mine.

Have a great day, and this story is very funny!

Chewy Mom said...

My son used to do that. I have an entire (sick) video of him reading a truck book, exclaiming, "BIG TRUCK!" over and over. Only it isn't truck. You know what he said. I'm happy to say that he is nine, and he completely outgrew it. And he doesn't quite get what's so funny...yet.