Sunday, August 26, 2007

Promotion Sunday

BB is not in school yet so the big event of the Fall is her moving up to her new Sunday School class. She made the cut off that allows her to go up into the 2 year old room. Her birthday is next weekend and the cut-off is Sept 30th.

I have quite a few friends who have children born in 2005. Actually in our Sunday School class alone we had 13 babies that year. Everyone made the cut-off except ONE. Her birthday is in October. I am sad that she has been left behind.

This situation brings up a topic that I didn't think we would have to face so soon - When to start BB in Kindergarten. This isn't an issue this year, but next year we can start her in our AWANA program at church. However the Cubbies program is designed for the 2 years before Kindergarten. Who can tell at age three if they will be ready for Kindergarten at 5. BB is right on the line and we just might keep her home one more year. Kids are already growing up so fast.

I actually plan on 'homeschooling' BB starting next year for the preschool years. I have a network of mommies that we already get together on a regular basis who want to co-op together. I think that going to preschool is great if the child doesn't have many social opportunies or the mom needs a break. With 13 friends with 2 year olds BB is not lacking social interaction. So we will try the 'homeschooling'. Whether I homeschool after preschool is yet to be determined.

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