Monday, September 17, 2007

A day on the farm

Today BB and I went with our Moms and Tots group to a historial farm. The kids started off the fun in the one room school house. They are much to young for school, but this will definitely be somewhere to bring the kids back when they are school age. Just playing in the school made everyone hungry so we took out our packed lunches. We were bothered by bees for the entire lunch. We spent more time swatting than eating. After lunch we were off to see the animals. We had more than 10 kids in our group and it was quite a challenge to keep all the kids some what together as well as keeping them from climbing fences into the animal pens.

At the end we went into the farm house. By this time it was past 1pm and BB did not like being told not to touch things. A meltdown occurred so it was time for us to leave. It was a little walk back to the welcome center. Fortunately BB calmed down and we were able to stop in the penny store. The store sells pieces of candy for 1 to 5 cents. They have totsies rolls, malted milk balls, smarties, lollipops, etc. A kid can get quite a bag of candy for 50 cents.

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