Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday BekahBoo

Today is BB's 2nd birthday. This morning we set up the living room with her gifts before she woke up. We weren't going to wrap them. I think she got enough unwrapping at last night's party. We put the oversized Elmo stuffed animal on a chair with an Elmo book on his lap and an Elmo balloon tied to his arm. The main gift was a doll and the accessories. Elmo and the accessories I have been picking up at garage sales all summer. Doll accessories now include swings, strollers, car seats, etc. The only NEW thing that I bought was the doll. I think BB has the right to a brand new doll. BB had a great time trying out the doll in the swing, stroller and car seat. The car seat is actually more like a baby backpack.

At 10 a.m. we had her friend's birthday party. The theme was Elmo. We did not go crazy on the theme. I bought hats and plates and the one mylar Elmo balloon. For the cake I bought Elmo candy toppers. I bought Little Debbie Fancy Cakes and put the Elmo faces on each. That is the easiest birthday cake I'll make.

The party started off with Elmo coloring pages I found on That combined with playing with BB's new toys lasted longer than I thought it would. BB did pretty well at sharing her new toys. I brought out my own doll and my cabbage patch doll so there were more dolls to go around. For the craft we had a Make a Plate kit. Each kid designed their own plate. We will send the kit in and get the plates in a few weeks. How is that for delayed gratification at 2? After the craft we brought out the 'cake' and ice cream. Last night I softened ice cream and filled cones to the top. I refroze them overnight so that today they would be solid and less messy. It actually worked. After sugaring up the kids we took them outside to play in the kiddie pool and sprinkler. A good time was had by all.

Two of the moms were thoughtful enough to take pictures and a few short video clips. They know that you can recreate the moment if you miss it. Thanks!

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Folami said...

Go head Mama Jessi!!! Tell BB I said Happy Birthday!!!