Sunday, December 23, 2007

No throwing

BB has been experience 2yo frustrations. At times these frustration cause her to throw the item that isn't working the way she wants it to or that mommy or daddy don't want her to have. The result is she has to put up the item tell it she is sorry, then she has added kissing the item to make it feel better. After that it is up to my discretion whether the toy goes into Time Out. This can depend on the breakablity of the toy or the probability that she will get frustrated with it again and repeat the throwing.

While I am cleaning the living room which is actually clean, but clutter with STUFF I use each chair and section of the house to help me organize the stuff. chair #1 = clothes; chair #2 = toys from BB's room chair #3 = hair 'pretties', etc. I start in the middle of the room and TOSS items in their piles. I must mostly do this at naptime because a couple of days ago BB was horrified that when she saw me TOSS her cell phone onto the toy pile. She very seriously look at me and said "Mommy, no throwing". Ouch. Guilty as charged. I walked over to the cell phone, picked it up, told it I was sorry for throwing it and kissed it."

I'm definitely going to wait to do my clean up of the living room during nap time. Then she can help me put it away.

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