Sunday, December 23, 2007

Say WHAT?!?

I have mommy friend I'll call her Taragon. She and I talk just about every morning. She loves me enough to hang up at 9am and not be hurt because I have to watch the first 15 minutes of Regis and Kelly. She knows I'll call her back. Lately we have seen very little of each other. A while back we thought that we had a great scheme figured out. I would bring BB over during naptime and put her in her pack and play. While we watched a movie together. This was a dismal failure. BB and 'Isaac' talked to each from their separate rooms the whole time. We did watch our movie, but we had two grumpy kids afterward.

Lately with Christmas in full swing I see very little of Taragon. They other day I thought to myself "Man I just wish that BB and Isaac would sleep together at nap time"....WOAH...I'm still talking to myself at this point "That just isn't right". I did call Taragon and tell her about our children sleeping together. So not ready to even think about that right now. She had a good laugh about it.