Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh be careful what you say

Yesterday I was driving to the airport. The big snow hadn't hit yet so the road were in great condition. The highway I was on had a left lane exit. I'm used to this and know to drive in the middle lane to stay on the highway. The car to the left of me look like the knew what they were doing and I really thought they were taking the exit on purpose...WRONG. At the very last minute the SUV cuts me off and then starts weaving in traffic. I yelled "Pick a lane!" BB's response was "CHICK-FIL-A" My response to her "That's right CHICK-FIL-A!" So now I know that I really need to watch what I say and I also have an alternative to telling other drivers off. I see this as being similar to saying fudge in place of another word.

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