Monday, December 3, 2007

The party can't start without me

Tonight I had some friends over. I hired a mommy's helper so that I could actually talk to my friends. Plus it allowed two other mommies to come as well. My favorite mommy's helper/babysitter is a homeschooler from my church. She is somewhere in the middle of the 7 children in her family. She is amazing. But I'm off the point. In the middle of us girls sipping on yummy coffee that I made at home (mine was an Egg Nog latte) BB decides to make an appearance. She walks into the room with a sombrero, purse in the crook of her elbow and "talking" on the phone. Right when she got to the middle of the room she said to the person on the phone "Okay, bye" and hung up. It was cute and hilarious all rolled up into one.

I prepared a cookie decorating for the mommy's helper to do with the 3 girls. I bought premade, precut, precolored Christmas tree sugar cookie dough. Now before you judge me my thing is COFFEE...I made all of my guest gourmet coffee from scratch. I get to cheat on the baking. I set up a table in BB's room with a picnic tablecloth. I gave them icing, red hots and sprinkles. The next time BB ran out of the room her hands and face were RED. She wanted me to take her to wash her hands. Then I noticed that her feet were also RED. Well I'm very thankful that I have a carpet cleaner.

In addition to all the cookies the girls decorated and ate I also gave them a little bit of the brownies and ice cream the mommies were eating. SUGAR! One mom threated to leave her dd there. I don't blame her. I'm not quite ready for sleep overs yet. BB and her friend aren't either. Instead we have pajama parties. A couple of weeks ago BB and a friend had a movie PJ party.


Tracy said...

I had a lot of fun last night - and I told my friends at work how cute BB was when she walked in with the sombrero, purse and phone. That cracked me up.

FMF said...

My neice.... the diva!!