Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sick...really sick

The past week I have been sick with the flu. "Don't touch me I ache" flu. The "yucky cough" flu according to BB. It has been really hard for BB to have to not touch me. It has been hard for me to take care of an active toddler. Thankfully I have a great family who is there to help out. One day my mom came and took her for the morning to give me a break. A couple of times DH came home at lunch to feed her and put her down for a nap. BB was very sweet (for the most part) while I was sick. A couple of times she brought me HER blankies. She has two - full blankie that stays at home and travel blankie that goes everywhere. She first gave me travel blankie and told me to put in on my neck. Then she gave me full blankie and told me to put it on my stomach. Then she even dragged my person blankie...I mean put on my lap. Then she climbed up into my lap. I decided then was not the time to tell her I really hurt.

Thankfully all BB has gotten so far is a cough. Which EVERYONE has these days. She is loving the popsicles that she gets all the time. The popsicles really have nothing to do with us being sick. It is just that DH took her grocery shopping with him. While they were getting frozen juice she conned him into getting her popsicles. Considering that is also near the ice cream I'm happy it was just popsicles. Not that ice cream wouldn't be just doesn't fit into our plan of eating better.


G's Cottage said...

Yeah, but Popsicles are liquids and do help sore scratchy throats.

thediaperdiaries said...

ugh, there are some NASTY things going around. Hope you feel better soon.

LaskiGal said...

I had to track you down! Your profile page doesn't have a link to your blog!

Although there are some great people out here, it is still rare to find someone who shares some of the same goals. So, I'm always excited to find someone I have things in common with. I hope it is OK that I'm commenting(you might have kept your blog private for a reason!). If not, no worries, I completely respect that.

I do hope you feel better (or are better by now!).