Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Getting ready for trips to the park/pool

Yesterday was an amazing sunny day with the high of 70 degrees. I made a few calls and 4 of my mommy friends met BB and I at the park for lunch. I came prepared with a lunch (forgot the drink). However only one mom had a 'park bag' with her...she admitted that was still in her car from last summer. This year I will be without a diaper bag so the park and pool bags will be very important. I have two separate bags one for the park and one for the pool. It is worth it to buy items like sunscreen twice so that it where you need it.

Here is my list in progress:

Park Bag
- sunscreen
- hat
- sunglasses
- back up outfit
- wax paper (this is for the slide that is built on the slide of a hill.)
- Wet ones
- snacks that don't get stale

Pool Bag
- sunscreen
- hat
- sunglasses
- swimsuit
- towels
- money for the snack shoppe
- wet ones
- baby powder (to get the sand off)

What do you keep in your summer bags? Also if you have found a kid friendly sunscreen you love please let me know. I tried the continous spray one last summer and it kept getting in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

Great Idea! We have what I guess you would call a "pool bag" that we use mostly for the waterpark, but I never thought of having a park bag.

Tami said...

I always keep hand sanitizer and a"Neat Sheet" in my bags for summer fun.

Totallyscrappy said...

Oh, swimming is just around the corner!