Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting a Babysitters on Facebook

Last October quite a few of my friends in our Young Married class got on Facebook. We are mostly 20s and early 30 something married couples. In the beginning, I had my friends from class and then started finding friends from high school and college. Recently I have started getting friend invitations from high schoolers who I know through the children's ministry at church. When that started happening I started searching for all of BB's babysitters. All but one are on Facebook. Now when I need a babysitter all I have to do is send out ONE message to all of them and the first to respond gets the job. This saves me so many phone calls. That's what works for me. Stop over at Rocks in My Dryer for other tips.
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Marlo said...

What a great idea! A few young gals have "friended" me on Facebook, but I hadn't thought of sending out a message to see if they wanted to babysit. I will definitely be trying this!