Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Reading Club

The summer is finally here and it has come in with a blast of hot air. Literally over night it is SO hot. Our main activites this summer will be pool, parks and the library.

I am so excited about the library reading club. There is one for children and adults. When I was in elementary school I read alot during the summer and won prizes at the library. At that time they gave prizes based on number of books. I remember at one point having to give the librarian a summary of the book for it to count. Now the reading club is done in incriments of 15 minutes. I like this better because it levels the playing field. Fast readers and those reading shorter books had the upper hand before. 15 minutes is about the longest BB will sit. She gets to count the 30 minutes for story time on Wednesdays as well. I like that they have an adult reading club. I'm in it to get the library bag after reading 10 books. What bothers me is what they allow to be counted as 'books'.
1. Reading a book - of course
2. Book on tape - iffy to me, but I'll buy it
3. watching a video - ANY video - are you kidding me? What does this have to do with reading? If it were a documentary where information was learned I could understand that. But are you telling me that I could hypothetically go see "...and The City" and count it as a book. I just can't do it personally (Both see that movie and count it as a book).

Also this summer we have decided to turn the TV off. Specically from June 1st until Aug 8th when the olypmics start. I am really liking not having the TV on. I'll miss watching "Kelly" all summer, but I will survive. I don't have the mug anyways.

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Tracy said...

I am totally with you on this Jessi. Videos do not count as books for a reading club! Videos are fine, but it's not the same skill set as reading.