Thursday, May 29, 2008

WFMW - planning/keeping track of activites on vacation

I got this idea from my friend Paula (I'm posting this with her permission). She used it on her Disney trip and I just used it on my trip to New York City. I bought a pack of 3x5 cards. First, I made up a card for each place that we had time specific reservations. Then, I made up cards for each place we wanted to visit. Finally, I made up cards for the restuarants we would like to get to while we were there.

Name of place or event Time/Date (if reserved)
Street Address of place

Phone number
Directions from our hotel to location
(in our situation walking directions)

I kept all these cards in the front outside pocket of my purse so I could access them easily. We had cards for 3 shows, 3 resturants and 5 places that were on our MUST SEE list. We made it to all of them and had plenty of time to just wander around the city the rest of the time. We had a great time on our NYC trip. If you have time please read about it here and let me know what you think.

Since coming home I have decided to put this card system to use in another way for the summer.

There are so many activites to do it is hard to keep up with all the opportunities. I have a folder on my desktop filled with files of activites for different venues. So I have a plan. First I have created a card for each week of the summer. This week is labeled "Week of June 8th". It has where our playgroup will be meeting, what movie is playing at Regal, etc. I put down all opportunities. Yesterday we had 3 opportunites and then choose the one we wanted to do that day. I also have created a pile of cards for things that we can do anyday of the week. This is mainly for our family after my husband gets off work. It is so hard after dinner to think of something to do. Since we have turned off the TV we've got to do something other than stare at each other. On our cards are pool, park, walk, read, musuem and bike. We'll add to the list as we go.
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G's Cottage said...

I still have our folder of "Things to do/Places to visit or eat" where we would put flyers, and magazine or newspaper reviews of stuff. But this reminds me that I probably need to purge it since some of the data is ancient.