Saturday, June 7, 2008

Coffee's House

I am a coffee snob. I drink it black and am constantly on the search for coffeehouses that can correctly brew coffee for people who do not use a ton of cream and suger. There are time I like going to Starbucks and getting fru fru coffee (Carmel Macchiato, Mint Chocolate Chip Frappicinos, etc). However I have learned the hard way that atleast at my local Starbucks black coffee is not something they are good at making.

There are two local coffeehouses that I regularly frequent and I had just found that Krispy Kreme's smooth blend is great.

Just about everyday Bekah and I go on a special activity or a field trip. I use these term when she wakes up so I can get her to do her morning routine without being distracted by the specific location or people we are going to see. Once we are eating breakfast and are getting ready to go then we start the game. "Where do you think we are going?" There is a usually list of her favorite friends as well as park, pool, and library. Yesterday she said "coffee's house". It was so cute and makes perfect sense. She is well aware of coffee and that she's not allowed to have it. I have also trained her from a young age to entertain herself while we go to a coffee house and I sip on my coffee. I bring a suitcase full of toys. Yes a suitcase...the same one she takes to grandma's house. I'm a firm believer that you can't take a child anywhere and expect them to deal with long waits (i.e. doctor's office) without coming prepared. Our favorite coffeehouse is very kid friendly and Bekah feels right at home. Which maybe why she calls it "coffee's house".

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