Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday Special Activity #2

Just in case you thought BB got ripped off enough on Friday the story continues on Saturday. Another one of her birthday freebies is for Cold Stone Creamery which I'll get to in a moment. Back story is necessary.

We have been working with Bekah on pooping in the potty. It has been very dramatic this summer. I'll spare you the details. Well the first time she pooped we came up with a reward chart. The first level is ice cream after 5 poops on the potty. I can already tell that you know where this is going.

So today marked #5 and how convenient that we have a FREE coupon for a Like It Signature Creation from Cold Stone. Well just like yesterday the ice cream is HUGE. It turns out we ran into a friend in line. Being the opportunist that I am I offered her the coupon in exchange for her buying BB an kids ice cream cone with one topping. I know that you can't sell a coupon, but is bartering 'illegal'? Everyone won in the end.

We were at an open mall with a Town Square fountains for kids to play in. We let BB splash around to her content. As an added bonus there was a concert with a local band - it was good and now I'm a fan.

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Erika :-) said...

Chloe struggles with pooping in the potty sometimes still ... she is thoroughly disgusted when she does it and we make her clean it up herself. Maybe we will try the sticker chart too.