Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I got BekahBoo up before the crack of dawn so we all could vote as a family. I personally wanted to early vote, but I respect that my husband wanted to vote on the day of the Election. We didn't wake BB up and hoped she would stay asleep since it wasn't even 6am yet. While we were putting her in her car seat she woke up looked at us funny and said "I'm outside." She was quite the trooper. We were there about 30 minutes early and thankfully today's morning weather was only down to 40 degrees. The drama at our polling place started at 6:30 when the doors DID NOT OPEN. At 6:35 I was on the phone with the Board of Elections to report the problem. The lady tried to give me an excuse and I did kindly (seriously I was nice) tell her that I wasn't interested in an excuse we had the right to vote on time. The doors were opened 5 minutes later. Which is good because my next call was going to be to the local news. Once the doors were open we were in and out in approximately 30 minutes. After we voted the real fun began...FREEBIES!!!!!

We left the polling location and went straight to Starbucks for our FREE coffee. Gordon went on to work after that. BB and I then went to Krispy Kreme for my donut. I asked her if she wanted one too. She said "no". After that it was time for Bible Study at church. Then we were off to Chick-fil-a for our sandwich. We went to the mall Chick-fil-a. Once we were finished with lunch BB wanted to play. We'll next to the playground is Starbucks. So once again I showed my sticker and got another cup of coffee to sip while I watched BB play. After Gordon gets off work we'll head down to Ben and Jerry's for our ice cream.

Kid's voting is on-line this year so I asked at the polling place if she could have a voting sticker. They said she could. At Starbucks I told them that she got up early to go with us to vote and that she was doing on-line kids voting. I then asked if she could have a child sized hot cocoa. The cashier thought about it for a moment and answered 'sure, why not'. I did not try to get BB a free chick-fil-a sandwich because she needed a kids meal. I would have asked for her to have a free donut, but she didn't want one. I'm definitely asking for her to get a small scoop of ice cream tonight.

Stay tuned for my next post which will analyze the cost to benefit ratio of my adventure in Election Day freebies.

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