Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Shopping

It has been fun shopping for Bekah. She hasn't hit the 'I want" stage. So getting out of her what she would like has been interesting. We were in BigLot looking forsomething when Bekah saw plush chairs that were her size. Gordon is in charge of getting the one big gift from santa and this chair was it. We had just enough money in BB's gift fund to get it. That day at church they allowed parents to drop of chidrens so they could get shopping done. The errand was so easy without Bekah. Gordon had extra time left so he finished the last of his shopping (shopping for me!). Now Bekah has picked out a gift for me and a gift for Gordon. It is fun watching try no to tell what she got for us. She has already told Gordon that she got him a video. Though I was smart and didn't tell her the title! He can probably guess, but I won't say on here just in case he reads this. BB told me she got me a Scotty Dog. It's not going to be a real one - I get that when I have an empty nest.

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