Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

We were able to sleep in again this year. I wasn't expecting her to sleep this year, but I know that next year we'd better be ready early!

Yesterday we had a Friends and Family Christmas Eve Dinner. The guests included us, my mom, my dad and two families from church. The day before I conquered HoneyBakedHam and got $10.69 off my ham. So that was our main dish. Everyone brought something yummy to eat.

My mom came over first and Bekah opened up her gifts from Grandma and we let her open Uncle Jeff's gift too since he was out of town.

Then when my dad came Bekah opened her gifts from Granddad and from his sister Aunt Linda.

The timing of all of it was great because then people started to arrive. One family arrived and we got all their food situated then we sat down and had my dad read "One Solitary Life" it is a tradition that his dad read it every year. Now my dad reads it every year. After that the other family came and we ate. Once we were full Settlers of Catan came out of the box and we played right until we had to leave for church. I WON!

We went to the contemporary children's service which used Christmas cartoons to look for the real meaning of Christmas. Bekah sat for awhile then ended up in the back with a bunch of toddlers running around.

We went home to prepare for Santa. We made him cookies, strawberry milk and set out carrots for the reindeer. Then Bekah wrote a note. She has been asking for a "Bekah sized chair". She saw this in Big Lots a few weeks ago and has been talking about it ever since. We were fortunately enough to be able to go back and get her one that looks like G's and reclines too. So she wrote to Santa about the chair.

We got Bekah to bed waited awhile and then got the goodies out. The chair has been hiding in our laundry room so it was easy to get it out and stick a bow on that. Then we stuffed the stockings. Not much to the overnight prep. G did prepare his family's traditional omelet sandwiches that set overnight in the fridge.

I was really concerned about BB getting up without us knowing about it. I put a jingle bell on her door so that I might have a chance at hearing her. G and I got up at 7:30. We got the omelet sandwiches in the oven and then decided that we had waited long enough - it was time for the princess to wake up! She was not ready to wake up. So we tried to get her excited before she came out. Her first stop was the coffee table where she had put the cookies and milk for Santa. Sure enough Santa had been there to nibble on the treats. He left her a note in return...which really confused her...but maybe she'll get that part next year. In G's family Santa always pointed back to Jesus as the reason for Christmas. We had to point her in the direction of the chair and then we got the response. She wanted it right by daddy's chair. Bekah has been a daddy's girl today and I think that is great.

After we finished all the gifts and ate breakfast...and watched Regis and Kelly...we went up to Nana and Papa's house. Apparently Bekah's been extra good this year so Santa brought her a purple tent and sleeping bag. It is very cute. It will be interesting to see if she will actually sleep in it on our camping trips. Between now and then it can be used inside or out in the backyard.

We open presents with G's family, ate lunch, took a nap then....played CATAN!

That's about as good as it gets. The last two days have been nice relaxing days. Over the next week we have several people coming from out of town. Amazingly everyone's schedules work together and everyone gets their own day. My niece gets three days plus Bekah sleeping over the last day she is here. That leaves one day for each of my brother coming into town and one day for our friends who live in the next big town over from us.

I'll leave you with this parting thought/picture "Life doesn't get much better than this!"

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Erika :-) said...

Love the matching chairs!! They are too cute! Sounds like you had a good Christmas!