Friday, February 27, 2009

AI week 2 results

Last night Allison, Adam and Kris made it through to the top 12.

This brings the score to:
Gordon - 9
Jessi - 7

Kris wasn't on either of our radars. I didn't really think much about him until I heard Jon n Sherry on KLOVE talking about him being a worship leader. KLOVE has a huge listening audience. I do listen to KLOVE. I personally don't like it when other media gets involved in the voting process of AI. I think that it should be Americans watching the show and choosing independently who THEY want to go on - or go home. However this is not reality as 'vote of the worst' has played a part in AI in the past. This is the reason the Nick/Norman made both of our top 12. I was pleasantly surprised that Nick didn't make it this week - but there is always the Wild Card round.

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