Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diving and Coaching

We are waiting for the Women's team to take the mat in the all around competition. Bekah is in her leotard and hair up in a pony tail ready to go. Meanwhile she is practicing her platform diving.

And if that wasn't enough for this young Olympic hopeful she made some time to give daddy a few pointers on his tumble.

I've updated yesterday's post with pictures.


G's Cottage said...

Hah, That's hilarious. But she looks darling. I'll bet she's sleeping well this week.

Mrs_Scotsman said...

Sleeping well - yes. Sleeping on a normal schedule - not so much. With NBC trying to keep LIVE for the Olympic 1/2 a world away that leaves us watching gymnastics at 11pm. Tuesday night of the all around competition Bekah was eagerly waiting the floor exercise which was LAST. She slept until noon on Wednesday we skipped nap and went to bed on time. We did not let her know the girl competed last night. Thursday we'll watch the Gala which fortunately is from 6-8pm probably pre-recorded, but its just for fun.

Not the Queen said...

What a darling gymnast!